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HalalNook is an informational service to provide a listing of businesses that provide Halal food, Halal products, or any business which is permissible in Islam.


It is possible that a business listed in this directory may also serve non-Halal food or sell/allow alcohol to be brought to the premises. Ultimately it is your personal decision to decide whether or not to dine at these places, and the onus is on you to make the best informed decision.


Whilst HalalNook does its best to verify all entries that are added to the database, we do not take responsibility for inaccurate or misleading information that is on HalalNook.com. The Halal status of businesses may change without notice, and it is ultimately your responsibility to verify directly with the business on the accuracy of its Halal status.


HalalNook is not associated with any Halal certification organisations, and does not claim to be an authority on the matter in any way, shape or form.


Please report any misleading information to support @ HalalNook.com

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HalalNook your Local halal classified in many countries. We call it globally local. We will help you grow your business by reaching out to potential buyers.

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